Morgan Ridge Wine Label by Robert Crum
Morgan Ridge Wine Label by Robert Crum

Our Original Wine Label by Robert Crum, Professional Painter, Muralist, and Mosaic Artist
Robert is a full-time professional painter and muralist who earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois. His studio is currently located in downtown historic Salisbury, North Carolina.

Robert is a full-time professional oil painter and muralist who paints still lifes, portraits and figurative work using the same materials and methods used by the Old Masters. En Plein-air landscape paintings are completed when he travels in the United States, Europe, and Latin America, and large landscapes are developed from these in his studio. Robert has studied with a number of renowned artists including Tony Griffin in the North Carolina mountains and with Charles Kapsner of Little Falls, Minnesota.

Robert learned to work on a large scale when studying drawing, painting, and fresco under fresco painter Ben Long in his studios in Charlotte and Asheville, North Carolina and in Foissac, France. Mr. Crum assisted Mr. Long on four of his fresco murals in North Carolina.

Robert began creating mosaics when commissioned to complete mosaics and murals that are located outdoors and on floors where the artwork is subject to the elements and high traffic. Mr. Crum has worked with the art of mosaics with a number of American, British, Italian and Mexican mosaic artists. In May 2008, he also studied in Rome, Italy in the studio of Enzo Aiello, and in October 2008, he studied with Italian artist Giuseppe Semeraro in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Robert has created numerous large mosaics and mosaic murals in Arizona, North Carolina, South Carolina, Costa Rica, and Mexico.

Robert has received numerous awards and grants for his work, and in 2011, he received a Regional Artist Project Grant from the North Carolina Arts Council to complete a series of figurative oil paintings. His work can be found in numerous private and corporate collections both nationwide and internationally.
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